We are Thankful for you!

We hope you will join us on September 25th, 2018 (at the Mocha Shrine Centre) for our special presentation following the business portion of the CCI Annual General Meeting for members. It really is all about you and your contributions to the condominium communities you serve and support. We are forever grateful for your services and hope we can take the opportunity to thank you in person and provide you with an opportunity to meet community leaders.

To Volunteer Condominium Directors

We are so very aware of the enormous time and effort you put toward your responsibilities in your communities. So many of you manage to enhance your response to those responsibilities by including additional time towards education so that you can achieve your best decision-making. You are to be congratulated for your commitment to the task you have undertaken.

To Individual, Professional and Business Partner Friends

The condominium community continues to grow both locally and nationally. The CCI Board of Directors is only too aware of the calls made upon you to support organizations so vital to our community-at-large. We are ever grateful when you choose to include CCI in the many ways you support and engage the community. We are always so grateful for your expertise as writers, presenters, advertisers, and sponsors of our events, including the annual Golf Tournament.

Volunteering is so often a balancing act, sometimes not as easy as we would like it to be, and certainly awe inspiring and fulfilling. We hope you will grant us the pleasure of your company to thank you on behalf of the communities you serve and also of CCI. Volunteering can often be a thankless job and we will take pleasure in thanking you for your commitment and support.

Special Presentation following the business portion of the AGM

the Volunteer Directors, Donors and Community Partners

RSVP for reception required by September 15th, 2018

Refreshments and 1 drink coupon and thereafter open bar
Please RSVP your attendance in advance of the AGM with your name and Corporation/Company by email to

For the full CCI AGM Notice and attachments please click here.

Members are invited to complete and return the PROXY in advance of the meeting.

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